Monday, March 19, 2012

Mouthwash: To Many To Choose!

When you walk down the dental health care aisle at the grocery store, it can be slightly overwhelming.  There are so many products on the shelf it can be difficult to decide which product is right for you.  Today we are going to talk about Mouthwash.  This should help you determine which product meets your needs.

At The Cosmetic Dentist, we recommend three kinds of mouthwash for different reasons.  The first type we may recommend is antiseptic.  This includes Listerine, Crest Pro Health, Scope or any store brand antiseptic mouthwash.  Using this type of oral rinse helps kill bacteria.  It is great for patients with gingivitis or gum disease.  Some of these products have alcohol in them.  Alcohol can dry out oral tissues quickly and if you have issues with dry mouth, these products can be damaging.  We prefer our patients use mouthwash without alcohol.  The second type of oral rinse we recommend is a Fluoride Rinse.  This includes ACT, Fluoridex, or any store brand fluoride rinse.  Patients with a high risk of cavities should use an oral rinse with fluoride for extra protection.  It will help strengthen teeth and prevent new cavities.  The third type is a Dry Mouth Rinse.  This includes Biotene, Colgate Dry Mouth or any store brand dry mouth rinse.  There are over 400 medications that list dry mouth as a side effect.  This is a real problem because dry mouth is a risk factor several oral conditions.  This type of rinse helps to maintain moisture in your mouth.  This helps with comfort and health. 

We hope this helps you narrow down the type of mouth wash you need.  You may find you need to use a combination of these rinses to maintain your oral balance.  Talk to your dental professional about the best mouthwash routine for your oral care.

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