Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How to Clean Dentures and Partials

Brushing Your Partials or Dentures

  • Clean your partials or dentures each day by brushing them with a denture brush, easily found at pharmacies and drugstores, and a mild toothpaste or paste specially designed for cleaning partials and dentures. Cleaning your partials or dentures is key to reducing mouth irritation and inflammation of your gums and minimizing bad breath. Brushing also removes plaque and other buildup from the partials or dentures.
    If you have dentures, use a regular toothbrush to brush your gums once a day to clean and toughen them. Failure to brush your gums, will lead to your dentures being loose and not fitting properly.
    If you have partials, make sure you brush the areas that come in contact with your natural teeth (where the partial hooks in and any area touching your natural teeth). If you don't brush your partials, caked-on food from the partial can transfer to your natural teeth and cause tooth decay.

Soaking Partials or Dentures

  • Remove your partials or dentures every night and soak them in a container of water or commercial effervescent solution, available at pharmacies and drugstores. The water or effervescent solution will keep your partials or dentures from drying out, and any caked-on food will be released.


  • Do not place your partials or dentures in boiling water, in a solution that has been heated or in a microwave oven. A boiling hot solution will damage your partials or dentures.
    Do not use chlorine bleach to clean your partials or dentures. Bleach can discolor the gum-colored portions of your partials or dentures.
    Do not sleep in your partials or dentures.

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